Sunrise Park Assisted Living ApartmentsSunrise Park Apartments
53 South Main St.
Lewiston, Utah 84320

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The move from a long-loved home to a new residence can be stressful for everyone involved. Such stress is unavoidable and perfectly understandable. We, at Sunrise Park, realize this and strive to help everyone feel as comfortable as possible.

Sunrise residents find comfort and peace of mind in a private room surrounded by their personal belongings. They enjoy security in the knowledge that help is available at the push of a button, day or night.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide individuals with quality care in a gentle, nurturing environment.

Our goal is to provide meaningful enrichment for the social, emotional, physical and mental needs of each resident. Dignity and independence are revered and protected.

Our commitment is to enhance the quality of life for all by encouraging free agency and choices. We support lifelong learning and encourage development of abilities and skills in each stage of life.

Our passion is to provide safe, considerate and comfortable end-of-life care. We consider it a privilege to sit at the bedside of a friend when the lamp of life grows dim. And , when it flickers out, memory of the glow remains with us.

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