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You get 5 star service at Sunrise Park Assisted Living

Moira Appreciation of Love
March 28, 2016

It's difficult to put in words how blessed my mom and I were the day we found your notice hanging in the Logan Senior Center. The Lord filled so many needs when we found one another. No simple human plan alone could have forged this relationship. My mother lead a self-directed, some would say solitary life, before she moved in with you. She resisted loss of independence and control. You were so perceptive and honored her as a person and loved her consistently and unconditionally. You set the example, chose your staff well, and trained them to the highest standards. They have come through for our family time and time again.Thanks to them, my mom experienced daily love in her final years. I was not with her when she died and yet I have an easy peace by knowing those who were with her. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart. God bless your work.

You get 5 star service at Sunrise Park Assisted Living

Hatch Family Appreciation Testimonial
January 2016

Dear Angels of Sunrise Park: What mighty and courageous loving hearts! What instruments of peace you all have been. What angels of mercy in a troubled world. My own heart trembles with gratitude for what you’ve done for my dear mother. How you have blessed her, each and every day and every night. In the quiet places that the world can’t see, such miracles occur as would astound the wisest souls. You make those miracles happen by treading softly, helping gently, guarding fearlessly, feeding, clothing, bathing, comforting and loving those helpless ones who so desperately need you, like infants need their mothers. And you are there. I bless you and I bless you. Ten times ten thousand times I bless your names for who you are and what you do. Sometimes, it seems to me the people with the kindest wills and fondest hearts are passed by when simple, honest thanks should have been given. The world’s attention certainly isn’t lavished on caregivers. But I pray that you know in your own hearts the value of what you do. I hope that what you give away to others comes back to you, instantly, and maybe even in some unexpected ways. May your efforts in blessing others’ lives bless your lives, may your hearts be filled as you fill others’ hearts, and may peace be your companion in you holy, holy work. Great love and affection, and kindly regards to you all.

You get 5 star service at Sunrise Park Assisted Living

Thanks for Being Our Family
by User180742 on February 18, 2015

My mom moved to Sunrise Park several years ago. I have had to live and still work full-time in California, but she wanted to remain in beautiful Cache Valley, where she and my dad had lived for decades. Your energetic and imaginative care for her, adapting to her needs over these years, getting her out to recreational events and to professional appointments she needs, has been amazing. Visiting there, I am always inspired by your staff, their patience, empathy, careful observation, practical wisdom, and sensitivity...but not only with and for my mom. Your work with us, the families of your residents, has also been inspiring. You have treated us, all of us, like family. Thank you, and more than thank you...stars in your crowns, folks...

You get 5 star service at Sunrise Park Assisted Living

Mother Loved Her Home At Sunrise. 5.0 stars - Excellent
The Hyer Family - January 2014

We placed our mother in Sunrise Park Assisted Living in Lewiston, Utah, over two years ago. Our family is large and local, so we were in the facility a great deal over that time. There was never an occasion when we went into Sunrise and found Mother either neglected, or lonely. Every member of the staff is compassionate, service oriented, and shows respect for all, as demonstrated on a daily basis. Everything is clean, and the food is good. Sunrise Park is owned and run by a family. It remains self pay and free from government interference. The originators are now nearing their eighties and are still involved in monitoring every aspect of the long-term care business they founded. Their love and care is reflected throughout the facility. The secret is in the smallness of the neighborhood AL Facility. Staff is around 1.5 per resident. Small town location is safe and friendly. Family is always welcome. We found an exceptionally fine facility for our mother.

You get 5 star service at Sunrise Park Assisted Living

Gracious Living
by User171028 on September 30, 2014

Walking into the Sunrise Park Assisted Living Home is truly like walking into your very own home. You feel like family the minute you walk through the door and are treated with love and kindness. The owners and staff are incredible...respectful, loving, and professional, all at the same time. The common living area and the private rooms are tastefully and beautifully decorated. Sunrise Park hosts a number of community-involved events, from entertainment to flu shot clinics. Located close to a library, country store, post office, and church, residents can be as independent as they like. It is a one-of-a- kind living experience for those in their sunset years.

You get 5 star service at Sunrise Park Assisted Living

Mother's loving care
by User170872 on September 28, 2014

My Mother was with Mrs. Jorgensen and her staff under hospice care the last two weeks of her life. Her care surpassed the norm in kindness, love, efficiency, and dedication to keeping her comfortable and pain free during the last days of her life. Mrs. Jorgensen sat with her (as she does with many of her hospice patients) throughout her last hours giving her love and support in her passing. Sunrise Park is certainly one of the most picturesque facilities I have seen in my quest for the perfect place for my Mom. It has a beautiful view of a serene park and the beautiful Cache Valley mountains viewed from spacious windows in each room. The common area has a friendly comfortable feeling of family and friends as they gather around the dinner table each afternoon. A loving grateful daughter.

You get 5 star service at Sunrise Park Assisted Living

Sunrise Park Group Home
 by User170804 on September 27, 2014

Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to spend time at this wonderful home and observe first-hand the excellent care and attention these residents received. Sunrise Park is clean and inviting, and beautifully decorated inside and out. The entire team - owners, management, and staff - work together to ensure each resident is comfortable and has their needs met. With the peaceful location, nurturing environment, the healthy home-cooked meals served in the dining area, the special activities, outings, and presentations, the attentive, competent, delightful and engaging staff, I would not hesitate for a second to recommend Sunrise Park as the right choice for an aging loved one to live out their years.  Sonya Weiss

You get 5 star service at Sunrise Park Assisted Living

My Mom
 by User174250 November 10, 2014

Recently Mom was moved to Sunrise Park. She was very adamant about staying in her own home, so the transition was not an easy one. Gay Jorgensen has gone over and above what any other place would have done to make my mom feel welcome and at home. Not only are the rooms beautiful and have an essence of home, but their care is extraordinary. Gay talked to one of the residents and explained about Mom. This resident gladly moved to a different part of the Home to be a friend to Mom. This was done at a considerable loss in revenue to the Jorgensen's as the room this angel resident moved to was smaller so the rent was lower. But Gay knew she would be good for Mom. She brought in a cat from the Humane Society that has given my mom such joy. They also brought her delicious meals to her room at first until she got feeling more at home. Gay even stayed in the room overnight with Mom so Mom wouldn't feel alone. I have never seen such love, patience and care given to a "new senior friend" Thanks!!

You get 5 star service at Sunrise Park Assisted Living

Sunrise Park by User171154
October 1, 2014

Sunrise Park Group Home in Lewiston Ut is a great place for your loved one. Gay Lynn Jorgensen (the owner) has been wonderful to work with. She is so loving, caring, patient and always concerned about the individuals staying at her assisted living center. I have my Mother and also my sister at the assisted living center. Sunrise has been great in the services they have offered my Mom and Sister. I would highly recommend Sunrise Group Home. Gay will make sure that your loved one is taken care of. She is always open to suggestions and issues.