Sunrise Park Assisted Living ApartmentsSunrise Park Apartments
53 South Main St.
Lewiston, Utah 84320

About Us

Sunrise Park Apartments is among the first assisted living facilities in the area to join the national trend toward low-census neighborhood homes in rural town and community settings.

Kept intentionally small, Sunrise Park has only 8 units; four are one bedroom and four are studio apartments. Each one has a roomy private bathroom designed for comfort and safety.

These smaller facilities address the needs of retirees who desire to continue their lives in the immediate vicinity of the family home and people they have known and loved through the years.

When one finds it necessary to move to a new home, it is comforting to live near the church the family attended, shop in familiar, local stores rather than the giant chain supermarkets, enjoy the familiar sight and smells of the local library or just relax, while breathtaking sunsets silently give way to a billion twinkling  stars.

If this unique neighborhood assisted living facility appeals to you, call and arrange an "early bird" tour with one of our staff and receive an early bird coupon worth $250, good towards your first months rent.

It's All About You at Sunrise Park